Robert Thurow

Diploma in Economics & Business Administration

After studying Economics & Business Administration, Robert spent 13 years in various roles and executive positions within Aral AG / the BP Group and later in DKV Euroservice.

In 2004 he started his own business and has supported medium-sized companies and corporations in national and international environments. He specializes in “growth topics” and business development: new markets, products, customer segments, revenue initiatives, change of organizational structures & process . He analyzes markets and data, develops strategies and concepts, and implements them as project manager together with the clients’ teams.

Robert is analytic, structured, focused, and reliable. He assumes responsibility and leadership, integrates himself into teams and corporate cultures, focuses on transparency, and leads projects and change processes in a manner that is characterized by positive thinking and motivates employees.

From 2011 until 2015 he was the Chairman of the supervisory board of an oil retailing company.

Robert is internationally experienced and is business fluent in English and fluent in French.

Robert Thurow is the initiator of TCC GROUP.

T       +49 234 588 07 55
F       +49 234 588 07 54
M      +49 171 355 27 06
E       thurow at


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