Sebastian Grütz

Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Design

Sales, marketing, and corporate development are the fields in which Sebastian feels at home. He learned all about sales in the course of 20 years spent as the creative head of an advertising agency, a marketing manager, a sales director, and a member of an international group’s board of management.

Sebastian has experience in the service, trade, environmental engineering, energy, and automotive sectors, and not just during smooth sailings: restructurings and company purchases were just as much part of his tasks as post-merger integrations, MBOs, founding companies, and launching products. He has lived and worked in the USA, Eastern Europe, and England.

In 2010, Sebastian left the corporation in order to return to Germany. In Bochum, he financed and founded the art&friends GmbH & Co KG. In just 12 months, the company became the market leader in the specialized adult education field.

Sebastian passes on his experience as a lecturer at the International School of Management, as a consultant, and in his numerous talks.

T       +49 234 588 07 55
F       +49 234 588 07 54
M      +49 170 443 12 76
E       gruetz at

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